IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary


Developer’s Description: The IEEE bills itself as the largest professional association for the advancement of technology.  Let’s just say it has a language all its own; and the hottest new concepts are based on wireless technologies.  The new IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary iPhone app gives professional experts and students alike a chance to gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the breadth of coverage of IEEE wireless standards terms and definitions—not found in any other single source.

From 802 to token ring, the dictionary has nearly 3,000 terms and definitions with complete source citations.  You will be able to search for definitions by Standard Number or Alphabetically.  (Just don’t look up definitions while in your client’s office!)

Wireless technology, like many other technical fields, has its own set of jargon and acronyms. Many times, these acronyms are used simply to reduce the effort required to describe concepts.  The goal of this application, says its developers, is to provide meaning for the acronyms and jargon used in the wireless industry with a particular emphasis on commercial systems.

Cost: $4.99

Category: Education

Author: IEEE

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Availability: Coming Soon!