BeeJiveIM: IM everybody from your mobile


mas_top10_150h - Copy.jpg Developer’s description: BeejiveIM for iPhone makes it easy to stay connected to your online buddies. It supports just about every instant messaging service out there – AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, ICQ, and more – and keeps you logged into all of them at the same time. BeejiveIM allows you to seamlessly hop between chats across multiple services. It’ll rotate to landscape mode mid-chat, supports rich links like hyperlinks and YouTube videos, translates emoticons, and allows you to fully manage your buddy list on the fly. And, thanks to Push Notifications, BeejiveIM doesn’t even have to be open to notify you of an incoming message.

Pros: Take your online instant messaging with you, wherever you go. It has a fully-featured buddy list management, works with just about every instant messaging out there, and it offers push Notifications for background alerts

Unfortunately, it’s also relatively pricey and has no Twitter support.

Yes. The price tag might be a little high, but BeejiveIM delivers a lot of features for your buck. It works across instant messaging services and supports Push Notifications, so you’ll always be “connected.” The app is fully integrated with your iPhone, so you can SMS out, rotate to landscape mode, download files and even open YouTube videos and hyperlinks. If you could possibly use it, Beejive’s feature-set probably includes it. That is, unless you use Twitter, because then you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Cost: $9.99

Category: Lifestyle

Author: Beejive

Platform: iPhone, BlackBerry