Scan T-Shirts And Build A New Kind Of Social Network With NIVPAT


Top 25TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: Intelligent garment recognition mobile social networking.

NIVPAT allows you to socialize both in person and over television with second screen interaction. Events, concerts, schools, sports games, meet and find out about people without talking to them. Game changer powerful computer vision technology.

Mobile advertising of sponsors in each reading. Link virtual games to real life interaction. Developed at ETH in Zurich Switzerland, world leading high tech computer vision institution. 




Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment, Shopping, Social Networking, Interactive Mobile Gaming 


Platform: iOS

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NIVPAT technology allows any pattern to be recognized and linked to online content.  Launching with t-shirts bearing images that appear to be identical, the NIVPAT application identifies the unique profile attached to that particular shirt and links to the individual’s social media profile.  The app recognizes different versions of the same image as assigned to different owners, both in-person and on screen — which could make the system work as a trigger for second screen content.  Tests of the application showed a very impressive speed of image recognition, comparable to that of a QR code.

– Michael Kaufman