DateCheck: better know a date


mas_top10_150h - Copy.jpg Developer’s description: The dating scene can be tricky and treacherous to navigate, which is why Intelius developed DateCheck, a free mobile application that helps singles mingle with an added degree of safety. Intelius are the same folks that power many of the people search engines; this one is mobile. Simply enter the name, phone number, or email address of your evening companion and instantly get accurate and comprehensive results to find out if they are who they say they are. The Sleaze Detector feature searches criminal records, and you can check on property information, personal interests, and present living situation (married or single, for example). The company’s motto? Look up before you hook up.

Pros: With Intelius, the data is likely to be accurate.

Cons: There’s something a little skeevy about checking up on your own date.

Category: Lifestyle

Author: Intelius

Platform: All (Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, iPhone, Palm)

Cost: The app is free; using it to perform a background check costs money. Prices vary depending on information sought.