Lenovo WRITEit writing app software lets you quickly search the web, post on social media, write an email, jot down a list, insert your signature and more. 

Working with Windows 8 and Windows 10, WRITEit offers you many benefits, including:

  • Converts handwriting to text in real time
  • Write anywhere, no need for special writing to text apps
  • Gets onscreen keyboard out of your way
  • Use gestures to make quick edits

Write directly into any text boxes. Just place your cursor in the field and start handwriting naturally. No need to stay inside the lines or write slowly. See your entire screen, no annoying on-screen keyboard. Users can also edit text and perform standard input functions (return, tab, etc) with gestures.

WRITEit supports digitizer and active pen devices, as well as the Yoga Tablet 2 8” with AnyPen (Windows).