Designed to take the “So What” out of activity tracking, Kiqplan is the “Jane Fonda” fitness video for the connected age. They help people make sense of activity data to achieve specific wellness and fitness goals over a 12 week period. They are a coach, nutritionist and motivational guru all in one. Kiqplan works with most leading trackers, smartphones and watches. There are four plans to choose from including a “man-plan” weight loose program called Beer Belly BlasterTM a fitness plan for women called Slim + TrimTM as well as pre and post natal regimens called Healthy Baby BumpTM and Goodbye Baby Belly TM. The content, tracking and logging capabilities are deeper than anything gone before. Twelve experts curated the content, more than 350 individual exercises were filmed and a database of over 400,000 food items have been logged. Kiqplan is priced $19.99 and available in Target stores and