In Case You Missed It: Mobile Apps Showdown


Mobile Apps Showdown, where the showgirls throw swag, the emcees are  Jon Hein and Gary “Bababoey” Dell’Abate, and the apps are spectacular.  Now in its 5th year The Mobile Apps Showdown is an award that’s voted on by CES attendees and given to the app that they believe has the best chance of succeeding and thriving in a crowded, chaotic marketplace. All of the finalists and semifinalists are extraordinary products. The judges’ job was to winnow down a list of nearly 90 products to 25 semi-finalists and then, with the help of online voters’ input, choose only ten finalists.  The vote was incredibly close and all ten of the finalists bared their companies’ souls in 4 minute long presentations.  Final winners were declared via an applause meter and an online vote.

The Roar of the App-Geeks

A few highlights of the event for those who missed it.

Zubie is like giving you car its own black box.  Not only will it diagnose engine problems and batter shortage but it will also let you locate your car’s driver wherever they are and actually give them a driving score. Wouldn’t you like that for your kids?  Your spouse?

Everything else you do is in 3D, so why shouldn’t your audio join in the funTrue 3D Audio showed us how.  

For Zen believers everywhere, Tinke measures your blood oxygen volume (not an easy task) to give you an overall relaxation and fitness score.   How tense are you?

The Sphinx paid the crowd a visit to showcase the future of productivity as Smart Document Scanner showed how to scan, share and synch documents all from your mobile phone.

Sick of Siri? Tired of hollering OK Google?  Maluuba blew the audience’s collective minds with an app that understands everything you say to your mobile phone.

The next generation of password protection from PassWord Box includes everything from digital wallet protection, to social sharing of passwords, to ultimate password storage.  It was this year’s crowd favorite app.

When Lowe’s enters the market you know digital home security is a keeper.  The Lowe’s Iris system made a huge splash at the show and, because it’s modular, you can protect every aspect of your home.

Cliiimb took us all for a wild ride with champion cycler Jerimiah Bishop.  We got a workout just watching.

No more Mr. Magoo look for you once you’ve tried .  These guys take your photo, render in in full 3D and let you try on glasses until you find the perfect pair.  It’s Avatar meets glasses shopping.

What happens when a few Navy buddies want to find a good pickup game while stationed anywhere?  They create Ballerez, an app that finds a basketball or other street pickup  game .

Young Appreneurs Receive Kay Family Foundation Scholarship

Sixteen year old Tanay Tandon and grad school studentvSherwood Yao were the first recipients of the Kay Family Foundation Award given to young app developers.

Test Your Trivia

 If you haven’t played trivia with our hosts Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate then you haven’t experienced CES . Laugh your apps off with this Trivia Test.

Don’t forget to check out all of the other great products on the Mobile Apps website.  Apps like News Republic and Babiis ran an awfully close second and there are plenty of other apps to learn about. Truly, it was a darn tough contest to judge.

Finally, a big thanks to the judges who helped select the final ten competitors:   Dave WhittleGloria Sin, Jill Scharr, Tim Scannell, Helena Stone, Brian Page

Start thinking about 2015!  Send us your favorite trivia questions, keep in touch and keep ‘appin on.