NQ Mobile Vault


Developer’s Description: In the past, smartphone privacy was an all or nothing proposition – either you chose to share your phone and expose all of your content or you kept your phone to yourself. NQ Mobile Vault was developed to change all this, empowering consumers with the ability to easily hide and secure confidential photos, videos, SMS messages and call logs.

Vault eliminates the privacy risks consumers face if their phone is stolen or simply if they have something they’d prefer others not see. From unflattering photos to sensitive SMS messages, Vault creates a safe, password-protected and encrypted place to store any data. It even allows users to hide the Vault app icon so that others won’t know it’s installed. And if someone tries to break into the Vault, it’ll snap a photo of them so users can see who has been snooping. 


Cost: Free

Category: Productivity 

Author: NQ Mobile 

Platform: Android, iOS

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