LivePoll – Social Polling Platform


Developer’s Description: LivePoll is a social polling platform for Android, Blackberry, iOS, and desktop. We facilitate polling the public, your friends, and followers in a very easy, convenient, and free method.

Each user has a unique stream of polls based on their demographics, friends, geography, and interests.

Detailed analysis of each poll you answer is available for further demographic analysis on the results.

Polls can be easily created, and shared using unique urls through facebook, twitter, linkedin, email, etc.

Each user has their own station that others can follow. Organizations can use their station to engage their audience to discover important, and fun facts.

For example, radio stations can find out what the hot songs are for this week through a poll they create and share either on their Twitter account, or for those fans already following their station.

Feedback from their audience is in real time, and very powerful. 


Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment, Social Networking 

Author: LivePoll

Platform: Android, Blackberry

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