Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer
Posted: 11.12.2013, 12:53am
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Developer’s Description: Define yourself with Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer, Exercises & Workouts! Follow the lead of the Runtastic avatars in high-quality, HD videos to complete intense, customized core workouts. Tell your excuses to hit the road and get the body you’ve always dreamed of… Fitness is not one size fits all, and your workouts shouldn’t be either!


No time for a workout? Not enough cash to hire a personal trainer? Unsure how to complete new exercises in a safe, effective manner? Runtastic is here to kick your excuses to the curb with the Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer, Exercises & Workouts app! Lifelike avatars guide you in 50+ HD tutorial videos to help you get the flat stomach, core strength and overall fitness you’ve always wanted. Download Runtastic Six Pack today and get defined like never before! 


Cost: Free

Category: Fitness 

Author: Runtastic 

Platform: iOS, Android

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Judges Review

Ask any of my friends and they will admit I am no stranger to six packs’ – although they are not usually of the abdominal kind. No, mine are more of the hops variety, which is why the Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer is a sobering reminder that it can be fun and mootivating to get in shape. This is not my first dance with the Runtastic family of exercise apps, so I was well aware the inspirational approach this software series takes to physical training. In this case, however, the training is squarely focused on my less than perfect stomach area, which I admit needs a bit of work. The app delivers quite nicley with a series of workouts and training plans that run the gamut from tabletop crunchs and hip drops to twists and flat out belly burners. The worksouts are broken down into different levels and days that promise results if you sstick it out. Need some motivation? There are music packs and exercise videos that range from easy to hard. You can select your trainer and even a voice coach (from English female to Japanese Male). Need group support? You can track your regimen using, or call in the fitness troops by playing exercise routines through AirPlay and your Apple TV. The basic or free version has lots to do, but if you want to really rathet it upo a bit you can pay for the full version and get more than 50 core exercises and three training plan levels. As with any motivational freebie, it’s all about the upsell, so Runtastic will constantly prod you to pony up for the full version, and rstream annoying little catfish ads across the bottom of screen. No matter. I am ready and willing to jump in and get cracking…er, as soon as I polish off that last pop-topped six pack to remove any and all possible temptation.


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