Secure Mobile Access To Everything On Your Computer With Polkast


Developer’s Description:Polkast gives you secure mobile access to everything on your computer. All of your photos, videos, music and documents at your fingertips – not just what you’ve synced to the cloud. You keep control of your content on your own computer and storage drive. Get super fast access over WiFi when you’re at home or in the office, and remote access when you’re away.

– View and edit all of your photos, Polkast saves them back to your computer automatically.
– Watch your videos over WiFi, with caching for offline viewing.
– Play any song in your collection without syncing. – View any document, without pre-planning or compromising confidentiality.
– Share files using your mobile as a remote control, no file size limits.
Polkast is easy to use – takes just minutes to download the apps and login, and you have your own secure personal cloud for mobile file access. 

Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment, Productivity

Author: Polkast

Platform: iOS, Android

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I’m paying attention to Polkast as one of those apps that may be just as important for what it portends. It’s one of a growing number of services positioning themselves as “personal/private clouds,” a potentially significant variation on the cloud-services landscape. Polkast is a highly evolved service that gives you anytime-anywhere-any-device access to any files. But, unlike DropBox, iCloud, or Google Drive, say, you don’t have to establish a separate file system located “out there” somewhere. Instead, you create your own cloud from your own devices — they become your own cloud servers — where access, and even sharing with others, can be more secure and faster, too. And, oh yeah, this peer-to-peer model also means you’ll never bump up against remote storage limits or the escalating costs you’re required to pay once you exceed them. I can see it as a worthwhile addition to computer-smartphone-tablet toolset.

– Patrick Houston