Protect Your Children From Cyber Bullying With WordBully!


Developer’s Description: Cyber-bullying is quite common these days, as almost every kid has a cellphone which can be a means for such abuse. If you are a concerned parent who is worried about your child encountering harassing behavior or even just profanity at a young and impressionable age, then WordBully™ is the app for you. Designed by Iconosys, Inc.( a safety communications and lifestyle app developer), WordBully™ lets parents customize a filter for profanity, vulgar or threatening language, and other offensive communications. Whenever a message sent or received triggers the filter, it is automatically sent to the parent to let them know what was said. Depending on what the message is, parents can then decide on what action they need to take next. In addition to filtering phrases, words, acronyms, and more, WordBully™ can even be used to track the position of your child with the phone’s inbuilt GPS. The app can be easily enabled/disabled with the use of a parental-controlled password. It’s currently available for Android phones, though an iOS version is in the works. 

Cost: $9.99

Category: Safety, Family, Children

Author: Iconosys, Inc.

Platform: Android

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This app allows parents to parse out profanities and other trigger words that might connote bullying and review them. The app itself is a bit “Big Brother-ish” for teens and rather than promoting positive behavior it actually just focuses on negative. Perhaps kids would be more incentivized to act in a positive way if those actions were rewarded. At $9.99 it’s a steep price to pay. The same functionality could be used as a community management app for forum owners and it would make more sense for the price. 

– Dana Oshiro