SWYPE Is A Living And Learning Keyboard With Simple & Easy Text Imput


Top 25TOP 25 – Developer’s Description: Swype is a living and learning four-in-one keyboard that allows users to simply and easily input text to their touchscreen mobile device, delivering an amazingly fast, flexible, and accurate experience. Users have the option to Swype (by sliding a finger or stylus from letter to letter – and only lifting a finger between words) type, write or speak with the power of Dragon Swype “learns” each individual user’s text input style and builds a personal language model, getting smarter after every use!

The latest version of Swype beta features:

•Living Language: Crowd-sourced language additions to user’s dictionaries

•Smart Editor: Cutting-edge predictive language models

•Dictionary Backup & Sync: Swype now backs up and syncs a user’s personal dictionary across any of their mobile devices, so a personal Swype experience is available on any device they use •Swype for Tablets: Three different keyboard layouts

•Unique keyboard themes 

Cost: Free

Category: Productivity 

Author: Nuance Communications 

Platform: Android

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Swype Beta for Android starts with Swype’s innovative text input method of swiping from one letter to the next combined with predictive completion technology, and adds new features to retain Swype’s leadership position in text input for the Android platform. Users can now backup and their personal dictionary (which mines Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail to learn names and your own unique acronyms and vocabulary words); personalize and customize their keyboards with up to 10 different themes; use a split keyboard for more ergonomical text input; and tap into global dictionaries to update personal dictionaries with the latest trending words, e.g. “Gangnam style.”

– Dave Whittle