MindMeld Is The First Voice & Video Calling App That Understands What You Are Saying!


Top 25Top 25 -Developer’s Description: MindMeld is the first voice and video calling app that actually understands your conversation, making it effortless to find and share related information as you talk. MindMeld lets anyone make high-quality calls with up to 8 people using their iPad. Unlike any other calling app, MindMeld actually understands what you say and proactively find relevant pictures, videos, articles and documents from your social graph or across the web. MindMeld also makes sharing effortless by letting you share anything with a single swipe.

MindMeld is powered by Expect Labs’ Anticipatory Computing Engine. Two years in development, this unique platform continuously analyzes the last 10 minutes of any conversation to anticipate the information you may need in the next 10 seconds.

MindMeld was unveiled this fall at TechCrunch Disrupt and was selected as a finalist from among hundreds of promising startups. MindMeld is backed by prominent investors including Google and Greylock Partners. 


Cost: $0.99

Category: Productivity, Social Networking 

Author: Expect Labs 

Platform: iOS

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MindMeld is what I call a harbinger app: It’s actual usefulness may be exceeded by the new possibilities it conveys.  At its core it’s a voice and video conferencing service, like Skype.  But it attempts to go well, well beyond. Here’s how: By taking advantage of voice recognition and your social media connections as “signals,” it triggers predictive search results that literally populate your iPad display (or a browser window) to contextually augment the conversation. As such, MindMeld is attempting to redefine the very nature of a virtual conversation. While everyone else in the voice and video conferencing space have been rushing to market with a better mousetrap — more reliable video, document sharing, instantaneous access — MindMeld has created a new kind of mousetrap.

– Patrick Houston