Protect The Private Information On Your Smartphone With The NQ Mobile Vault


Developer’s Description: Let’s face it – we all have stuff on our phones we’d rather others not see. Our mobile devices hold a wealth of private information, all that’s readily available to prying eyes. We pass our devices around to our families, and share then with friends, colleagues and even employers – all without thinking that we might reveal something we shouldn’t. NQ Mobile Vault is a powerful mobile privacy app that keeps all that valuable, confidential personal data safe and secure.

NQ Mobile Vault is a must-have application for BYOD employees, families, celebrities, and people who share devices. The app offers secret, password-protected and encrypted storage of sensitive information like photos, Facebook messages and videos, ensuring they’re safe from unauthorized access. The app’s basic features are available at no cost. Premium features for the Android app are available for $2.99/month. For iPhone, the premium upgrade is a one-time cost of $1.99. 

Cost: Free basic features, Premium features: $2.99/month (Android) and $1.99 (iphone) 

Category: Productivity, Other, Security, Privacy 

Author: NQ Mobile

Platform: Android ,iOS

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