NQ Family Guardian, The Complete Parental Control Solution For Your Smartphone!


Top 25 Top 25 – Developer’s Description: NQ Family Guardian is a complete smartphone parental control solution suite that offers parents and their kids a healthy balance of protection, communication, and parental peace of mind. The unique service suite for mobile management, safety and monitoring is the most comprehensive in its category.

It comprises an app that is downloaded and installed on the child’s Android smartphone along with a web-based control center that allows parents to protect their children from any browser by monitoring their child’s location and managing when and how their kids use their devices from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC. Features include geo- Fencing, where parents can be notified if kids leave an established “safe zone,” as well as scheduled use periods, one-click check-in and a panic alarm in case of emergency. After a 30-day free trial, users can subscribe for $4.99/30 days, $12.99/3 months or $34.99/year. 




Cost: $4.99/30 days, $12.99/3 months or $34.99/year 

Category: Kids, Other, Security, Parental Control 

 Author: NQ Mobile 

Platform: Android 

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NQ Family Guardian offers parents full control of their child’s browsing and activity. The service lets parents customize web filter settings, app settings, contacts, schedules and a series of monitors. From there a parent can track what their child is accessing and who they’re contacting with text alerts to the parent’s phone. One issue I had with the service is that it crashed on Chrome browser. While it offers simple implementation, we’ve already seen Microsoft offer a Kid’s Corner shipped by default on its Microsoft Win 8. Although the service is meant for younger children without their own devices, it’s likely many OEM will begin to shift similar features on devices. From there parents will be able to lock down a child’s phone before it’s handed off. 

– Dano Oshiro