Take Mobile Music To The Next Level With The Denon Audio App!


Developer’s Description: Designed to enhance the listening experience with Denon’s new line of Music ManiacTM headphones, the Denon Audio app is designed for the on-the-go audiophile. The Denon Audio app features a premium audio player that lets you experience the best possible sound quality from your iPod music library and favorite Internet radio stations. Create & save custom EQ curves, create & save instant playlists, enjoy internet radio stations via the built-in TuneIn service, and more. The Denon Audio app will quickly replace all of your other music apps.

The Denon Audio app features a customizable graphical equalizer that lets you contour your own sound by directly manipulating more than 1000 discrete bands of equalization without adding spatial distortion or decreasing sound quality. Pump up the bass, restore those highs, and start jammin’! 

Cost: Free

Category: Music, Other

Author: D+M Group 

Platform: iOS, Android

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The Denon audio app offers audiophiles an equalizer as well as the ability to airplay (to Denon device) and share via social. The current app offers the capability to play your iPod library (DRM-free iTunes tracks) and TuneIn radio’s 200+ streaming stations. The company doesn’t yet offer syncing to a user’s existing subscription services such as Spotify or Rdio and to be quite honest, that will make the difference to a number of users. 

– Dana Oshiro