Your Personal Safety Solution. SecuraFone Helps Prevent Distracted Driving


Developer’s Description: SecuraFone is a multi-purpose smartphone app that functions as a powerful, personal safety solution. SecuraFone helps prevent distracted driving and accidents, provides instant emergency response, and offers 6 other GPS tracking and alerting features including: real-time tracking, historical tracking, geo-fence alerts, SOS alerts, and covert, emergency help calls to emergency response centers or the primary account contact. The alerts are sent using email and text messaging. 45% of teen drivers text while driving and 11 die each day in accidents caused by distracted driving. 35% of seniors will fall each year – the leading cause of injury-related deaths among seniors. Employers spend over $60 billion a year in medical costs, legal fees and property damage related to employee driving accidents. SecuraFone serves as a tool for instant communication in this type of emergency situation and as a proactive solution to prevent accidents and dangerous conditions before they occur.


Cost: FREE

Category: Health, Kids, Other, Distracted Driving, Safety, Moble Health, Mobile PERS

Author: SecuraTrac

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

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This app is a lifesaver, especially for young parents with small children and sandwich generation folks with teens and aging parents to manage. Most important is its powerful flexibility. The app can be used to lock a phone, prohibiting texting while driving. Since the built in GPS detects driving speed you can have it alert you if your teen is speeding in the car as well. It can provide a single SOS bar or button to send an alert to a loved one in an emergency situation. It can create an electronic fence that sends an alert to a designated person in the event that an aging relative or young child roams out of set borders. Normally solutions like these have been limited to specific devices and have not allowed many options. Now, a phone can be your eyes and ears, watching out for those you care about.

THE BEST: Highly customizable and at $8.95 a month for the service (the app is free) it’s a one of the less expensive monitoring solutions.

NEEDS WORK: Like any GPS monitoring tool, these can be overused. Tracking should always be used judiciously.

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