The Gold Standard In Photo Editing Comes To Android With Photoshop Touch From Adobe


Developer’s Description: Creative compositing meets multitouch fun in Adobe Photoshop Touch. Photoshop Touch lets you transform photos with core Photoshop features from the convenience of a tablet. Bringing professional-level creativity to tablets, Photoshop Touch gives you the ability to combine multiple photos into layered images, make edits and apply professional effects. A Scribble Selection Tool magically extracts objects with simple finger gestures and the Refine Edge technology makes even hard-to-select areas with soft edges easy. Quickly find images, share your creations and view comments right within the app with Facebook and Google Image Search integration. With the new Creative Cloud, you can take your Photoshop Touch creations even further in Photoshop – synching projects from Photoshop Touch to Photoshop as layered files. Layer on the creativity with Photoshop Touch.


Cost: $9.99

Category: Productivity, Photography

Author: Adobe

Platform: Android

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Adobe Photoshop Touch is a lite version of its venerable namesake, designed for tablets. Adobe has simplified things dramatically but has left a lot of the power intact. Still, it’s clearly an Adobe app – more difficult to learn but very efficient to use once learned. It has a bakers dozen cool tutorials, from creating a camera layer (overlay) to making a photo antique to cleaning up a background and more. The tutorials take some getting used to, however, since they do as much telling as they do showing, and it’s not always clear what they’re trying to tell you or show you. But they let you save your work as a project, and I’m sure there will be more tutorials coming, since they seem to be the focal point of the app’s design. Overall, Photoshop Touch demonstrates that Adobe understands the unique nature of tablets and will no doubt be major player in mobile just as they are on the desktop.

-Dave Whittle