Discovery & Enjoy Internet Videos On Your Phone Or Tablet With Twonky’s Beam Browser


Developer’s Description: Twonky Beam Browser provides you with a simple and familiar way to discover and enjoy Internet videos on your tablet or phone and beam them to your TV or other media players on your home network.

When you visit a website, Twonky Beam Browser displays a Twonky Beam button over the media files that you are able beam to another device. The home page contains links to popular websites with great content you can beam. You can easily return to this page by tapping the Twonky logo in the app.

One of the best ways to use Twonky Beam Browser is with Internet video, but it also works with audio and photos. Create playlists of media items across the web, continue browsing while playing media on a device and bookmark your favorite sites for future beaming.


Cost: Free

Category: Entertainment

Author: PacketVideo Corporation

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

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