Dance! Don’t Fall Monitors Your Risk Of Falling While Actively Reducing It


Developer’s Description: Dance for Your Health with Dance! Don’t Fall

Falls are more common than you think and can cause serious injury to people 65 and older. Dance! Don’t Fall allows you to monitor your risk of falling while actively reducing it through fun and easy exercise. As you perform choreographed moves along with Dance! Don’t Fall, its algorithms analyze accelerometer data from your phone to evaluate your risk of falling and provide feedback on your dancing. Polish your dance skills by repeating the dance and watching how your accuracy, timing, grooviness and stability progress. Listen to audio cues or play the app on the Google TV to view the steps as you dance. You can also hold a dance competition with friends and compare results – try it at your next party!


Cost: Free

Category: Fitness, Health

Author: Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research

Platform: Android

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The concept of Dance! Don’t Fall might seem cheesy at first, but it addresses a serious issue that affects millions of seniors citizens and their families. After all, all it takes is one bad fall to shake up the life of a senior. The app not only monitors a user’s risk of falling, but it also works to reduce their risk of falling by coaching them through easy exercises and even competitions. That said, being someone who has no rhythm, I found it difficult to follow along with the app’s dance steps instructions – without the aid of visual cues in front of me. Fortunately, the app can also be played back on Google TV so that you can view steps on a big screen. Unfortunately, Google TV is not accessible to most. Putting that challenge aside, perhaps the biggest challenge to Dance! Don’t fall will be to get seniors to actually use the app on a regular basis. But if their caregivers can be pro-active with the app, the app just might help keep up the quality of life for everyone involved.

Helena Stone