Get Honest & Reliable Answers From Your Trusted Friends With Sundew


Developer’s Description: Sundew is a dynamic social Q&A service that is based on your trusted friend network. You can get honest, reliable answers, fast from your friends who really know you. Ask or forward any question to friends on your contact list. Within your trusted network, you can be sure to get unbiased opinions, tips, suggestions, and answers, without all the frustration of search engines. When you have a question, Sundew helps you get the answer in real time from trusted sources. If your friends don’t have the answer, they can forward it to their friends. It helps you find the RIGHT PERSON to ask. Based on ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’, the person you need is sure to be found no further than inside your friends’ network. It’s a brilliant way to get reliable answers, stay connected with your friends, and find new ones!


Cost: Free

Category: Social Networking

Author: SK planet

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

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Sundew is a question and answer application that lets you query your social network friends in real-time. Similar to Google’s now defunct Aardvark or LinkedIn answers, the community votes up those who build their community karma through well-written answers.

Best Feature: Let’s face it, no one is an expert in everything. By offering users a chance to ask questions from specific friends rather than forcing them to ping everyone, the application can prove itself useful for localized restaurant and travel recommendations.

Needs Work: Google announced closure of Aardvark in September and Facebook Questions relaunched as a polling application after poor traction as a straight up Q&A application. If two of the largest social web companies can’t make this work, it’s a tough road ahead for Sundew. Targeted Q&A communities like LinkedIn’s service indicate to users that questions should be career-related. It looks like this community has a large number of food-related questions. Perhaps launching a food-specific service would offer direction to new users and higher relevancy to those seeking answers.

Dana Oshiro