Start, Stop, Lock, Or Even Pop The Trunk, All From The Palm Of Your Hand With Viper’s Smart Start System


Developer’s Description: Viper SmartStart is the first ever app that allows users to start, stop, lock, unlock, pop the trunk and that’s not all – it’s continually evolving. Since its debut, when it won Best of Innovations at CES and was featured in an Apple TV commercial, Viper SmartStart has added the following functionality: Viper Motor Club nationwide roadside assistance SmartPark and Parking Meter Timer (remembers where you parked each time you press Lock) Home Control (arms and disarms home security systems powered by Viper SmartStart GPS (same app with new hardware enables the following): Teen/family safety monitoring, including vehicle location, speed and movement alerts One touch check-in to update social network, “because your car needs friends too” SmartFence, HotSpot and Scheduling Compatibility with Windows Phone 7, announced at Microsoft BUILD Conference More than 1 million downloads to date. What’s next for Viper SmartStart? You’ll be surprised! Continuous updates to CES2012 and beyond.

Cost: App Free / Hardware $299

Category: Other, Remote

Author: Directed Electronics

Platform: Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Blackberry/Windows Mobile

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They had me at: never freeze my butt off getting into a cold car on a winter morning again! You need the Viper Smart Start system to use this app but it’s pretty amazing. Using your smartphone you can remotely start your vehicle, heat it or cool it, unlock and lock your doors, even hit a trunk release, or turn off a panic button. Plus the app includes a car finder feature that records where you’ve parked. Unlike other car remotes, you do not have to worry about a range limitation; as long as there is a data or cell signal, it will work. And no need to worry about remote battery going dead, just need to make sure your phone is charged. Friend of the judges, Andrea Smith reviewed one for ABC and was in heaven.

THE BEST: Eliminate the need to carry a remote on your keychain. Your phone is your remote starter.

NEEDS WORK: If you do not have a Smart Start, then you need to buy one and have it installed which can cost you a pretty penny.

Robin Raskin