Event Winner: DriveSafe.ly 2.0 Tames the Distracted Driver with Speech


DriveSafely medium image winner.jpg Developer’s Description: Our smartphones have turned us into pretty dumb people when it comes to paying attention while we drive. DriveSafe.ly was one of the first apps to try to protect drivers from their own text-hungry fingers. Now, with version 2.0, iSpeech, the company behind the popular apps, is going bi-directional. Now you can hear text (SMS) and email messages read aloud and respond to them, hands-free, using your voice. (Pro version required).

You chat by sending text responses by voice and use voice commands like: “repeat message” or “call back sender.” Drive, listen to your texts and emails and respond by voice, leaving your hands on the steering wheel.

Pro: Drivesafe.ly auto-responds to those sending you a text message or email while you’re driving for less distractions. Features the ability to respond by voice without touching the phone for hands-free texting or sending emails while driving.

Con: Email setup may not be intuitive to beginners.

Why it’s a Finalist: DriveSafe.ly Android App is an innovative way to listen to your SMS text messages, emails and even screen your caller ID hands-free as the app reads them aloud to you. It automatically responds to the person who text messaged or emailed you with a message you generate beforehand. Lastly, the voice packs used by Drivesafe.ly sound natural and conversational.

Cost: Free

Category: Productivity

Author: iSpeech

Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile