If You Are What You Eat, INRFOOD Shows You What You’re Made Of!


Developer’s Description: We live in a society where food has become more chemistry than biology. INRFOOD aims to shift society’s attention on the way food is viewed. We focus on ingredients rather than just nutrition facts. Consumers are often confronted with ingredients that they have never heard of and can’t even pronounce. Working with a team of dieticians, nutritionists, and the people next door we created a platform for all these ingredients to be defined.

INRFOOD allows you to scan a product and color-code ingredients to determine whether they should be avoided, consumed in moderation, or if they are nutritious. It also flags medical and cultural alerts for ingredients that may not be suitable for individuals who have allergies, are pregnant, kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan and more. Each of our 40,000 ingredients are fully researched and defined. INRFOOD also tracks and provides analytics to the frequency of consumption of said ingredients.


Cost: Free / $2.99

Category: Fitness, Health


Platform: iPhone/iPad

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Do you wonder what’s in your food? Do you wonder what the words in the ingredients list mean? INRFOOD gives you details and research on it and makes it easy. You can keep track of what you have eaten and research foods before you eat them. INRFOOD has constructed a huge database of foods, their ingredients and the research behind them. The full product costs $2.99.

Best Part: You can use the phone to scan a bar code from the app and INRFOOD tells you all there is to say about the product.

Needs Work: As the company themselves says, the database is incomplete, but should be ready soon. Until then it’s difficult to get a complete picture on the product, but if you are concerned about your food this is a product to keep on your radar.

Larry Seltzer