WebMD Mobile: Medical Advice For Consumers


Developer’s Description: WebMD Mobile is a free application that allows consumers access to WebMD tools whenever and wherever they want on their iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®.  WebMD Mobile provides consumers with the most reliable, timely and accurate health information on-the-go. WebMD Mobile combines the award-winning WebMD Symptom Checker, a comprehensive drug, supplement and vitamin treatment database, as well as essential first aid information.  The treatment information on WebMD Mobile allows consumers to easily search WebMD’s extensive database for information as well as user reviews on drugs, supplements and vitamins. The first aid tool includes a guide for medical emergencies—everything from insect bites to broken bones—with helpful treatment tips. In addition, it provides local health listings to find the closest physician, hospital and pharmacy. WebMD Mobile is a leading health application in the iTunes® Store with nearly 3 million consumer downloads.

Pro: Eye-catching, beautifully designed app.  The integration with navigation and its straightforward interface makes it easy to tap into comprehensive medical information –even within tiny confines of smartphone.  Location-based directory of doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals makes it an indispensible travel companion.

Con: Still not much more than a first responder, so to speak.  While it can get you to helpful information quickly it’s still no replacement for a medical professional.  What’s more, it’s not yet available on all platforms (most notably Android).

Why it’s a Finalist: This app may have set the bar by using smart design to provide so much, so easy, and in such a small package.

Cost: Free

Category: Health

Author: WebMD

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Try it nowhttp://www.webmd.com/mobile