Online Winner: Line2 Adds a Second Line to Your Phone


Developer’s description: Line2 adds a second number to your iPhone or Android phone, featuring carrier-grade SMS, that works over 3G, WiFi or cellular networks. Make or receive calls and SMS no matter where you are–using VoIP/Wi-Fi connections when you can, and cellular when necessary–all from the same number. Line2 features live call switching between 3G and WiFi. If you are on a Line2 3G VoIP call and walk into your house, your phone will automatically switch the call to WiFi without dropping the call. The app is ideal if you have poor cell reception at your home or office or just want to reduce your cell bill. Your phone will automatically detect the cheapest way to make a call. Also works on the iPod touch (2nd 3rd & 4th gen) and the iPad.

Pro: Simple to use, with great call quality over 3G and WiFi.

Con: Not a free app — another monthly charge for users.

Why it’s a Finalist: With a simple set-up, great call quality over 3G and WiFi, and cheap monthly rates, Line2 is an easy choice for those in need of a second line on their mobile device.

Cost: $9.95 a month

Category: Productivity

Author: Toktumi

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iTouch, iPad