WeatherBug Mobile App


The WeatherBug mobile app is the first allowing consumers to see, in real-time, how weather impacts their current energy usage in order to make smarter home energy efficiency decisions. Smart home technology today is restricted to activity in the home, but 50% of a home’s energy usage is driven by weather. The app integrates weather ‘big data’ (Earth Networks has world’s largest network of weather, climate, and lightning sensors), connected thermostats, and utility meter data – extending the “smart home” outside the home to create a “smarter consumer.”

Mobile app users can connect to their preferred smart home services – including connected thermostat launch partners Honeywell and Nest, and smart home platform partner Samsung SmartThings, as well as to utility data from Accelerated Innovations’ MyMeter. Once connected, consumers gain access to predictive energy usage and costs insights to control and optimize energy efficiency and costs, while maintaining comfort and safety.