Perfect Blend


Perfect Blend PRO features a stainless steel, LCD lit, smart wireless scale (Bluetooth 4.0) that connects to the Perfect Blend app enabling anyone to make delicious blended drinks at home. It is the most accurate scale on the market, measuring 6 kg down to 0.1 grams.

Choose a recipe (hundreds in app), place the blender jar on the scale (Perfect Blend is compatible with all blenders), and follow the onscreen pouring instructions. The app automatically organizes the ingredients and knows the density of each ingredient. Measuring ice/fruit by volume is inconsistent; measuring by weight is the only way to ensure consistency. Watch as a virtual glass fills up in real time on your device’s smart device. It alerts users when the desired amount is poured, compensating for over-pouring by instantly rescaling the recipe, then directs the user to the ideal blending speed and alerts you when the blending time is done.

The app has nutritional information for all ingredients in its database and measures portions, allowing it to calculate and track nutritional data, calories and consumption.