Ingredient1 empowers food discovery for a healthy lifestyle. The Ingredient1 app enables you to personalize food shopping for your tastes, needs, and mood, saving you time examining labels while seamlessly providing recommendations that can be shared between friends.

One product on the shelf isn’t just sustenance, its self-expression and business. New products have an 82% failure rate. For natural brands leading innovation, we provide consumer connections and insights that drive early market adoption.

Our database catalogues all natural and organic foods, allowing a user to search by multiple granular ingredient and sustainability variations – so you can find exactly what you are looking for within a click of a button.

Over 250 brands are participating in our mission and our database is now 3x the size of the USDA’s. Featured brands range from large national brands (including Amy’s, Enjoy Life, HappyFamily) to growing ones (including Purely Elizabeth, Justins, and Emmys).