The Breathometer™ app connects seamlessly to the revolutionary Breeze, the world’s only wearable, portable breathalyzer that’s helping users make informed social drinking decisions. Weighing under an ounce, the stunning industrial design of the Breeze encourages frequent and subtle usage. User’s simply blow into the Breeze’s contoured mouthpiece which sends instant blood alcohol content (BAC) level data to the app via Bluetooth LE. More than just a BAC number is presented- when alcohol is detected, Breathometer tells you when you will be “Back to Zero” – or Sober! User safety is enhanced with location-based links to services such as Uber, cab companies, local hotel and restaurants, so they can get a ride, reach a friend, or stay nearby. Users can also access their BAC level history, giving them insight into how alcohol affects them over time. Friends can also help each other by sharing breathalyzer results through the app.