Putting the wrap to CES 2013



Source: USA Today

Greenberg noted that one of the major trends this year was that TV’s are getting bigger and bigger. “Fifty inch TV’s are so last year – but here’s the problem, as the TVs get bigger – the resolution (picture quality) gets worse,” he noted.

Greenberg pointed toLG as one vendor with a solution. He says it is the first company to hit the market with an Ultra HD or “4K’ TV. “Until now the best resolution you could get was 1080p, but the LG 84-inch ULTRA HD (http://www.LG.com) ($17,000) has 4 times the resolution of your 1080p flat screen.

So what about the problem that there isn’t any 4K content for the TV? “I would have to point out that today’s movies are mastered in 4K and that build into this LG set is a “resolution upscaler” that automatically boosts lower resolution to something much closer to 4K, so you can enjoy it’s benefits today,” Greenberg explained.

He said another huge trend here at CES involved tablets, and not just ordinary tablets, but ones that can replace a PC.