Developer’s Description: iRescue-u © is a Smartphone App designed with you and your loved ones personal safety and integrity in mind! It is a simple, straightforward and effective way to protect your family in case of an emergency! At the press of a button, custom defined emails will be sent to family members, friends and contacts revealing the nature of the emergency, a map showing where he or she is and the latitude and longitude of your loved one’s location for use with Google maps and Street View (provided the smartphone is still in his/her possession or nearby). iRescue-u © comes with three built in buttons : a red one for panic situations, a white one for medical emergencies and a green one for automobile accidents. The buttons can be used for other emergency situations. As long as your Smartphone has a signal iRescue-u will be able to assist! English and Spanish. 


Cost: $1.99

Category: Other, Personal Safety 

Author: High Tek Computer Solutions S.A. 

Platform: iOS

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Judges Review

iRescue-u is designed to keep you safe in case of an emergency. It offers a panic button which will send email alerts to family and friends, along with a map of where you’re located. Overall, its functionality is simple, yet effective, and can be a must have app to teach kids to use, or anyone travelling in a dangerous area. Unfortunately, while the app is effective, the app lacks in design and polish.