Can You “Guess Dat Song?”


Developer’s Description: “Guess Dat Song” is the digital version of the famous 1950’s game show, “Name That Tune” where music fans could win $100,000 in just a few notes. Guess Dat Song has quickly become a new way of knowing your music by challenging yourself or battling a friend. What makes the technology unique is a typical song of three minutes will be cut up in 18-20 different tracks making the game even more competitive. Speaking of competition, Guess Dat Song has developed the first online streaming Music Tournament featuring Apple’s Top 300 songs of the day. The Grand Prize will be $25,000 to a popular electronics store! Guess Dat Song also features a few in-app purchases like multi-player and streaming songs. Most of the 2 million downloads have been on iOS phones, iPad and iTouch devices with a small percentage on Android. 

Cost: 0.99

Category: Entertainment, Games 

Author: AppStreet Boys LLC 

Platform: iOS, Android

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