SupporTime Brings Mobile Phone Customer Service Right To Your Smartphone!


Developer’s Description: In-app Customer Service – No more call centres menus or undue visits to the shop.

SupporTime is simple and free to use.
Tell us what’s wrong with your phone and we will help to improve your mobile experience.

SupporTime will assess your phone and network conditions and lodge your complaints to your mobile phone maker and/or network to find a solution.

We can also help you to organise a replacement or repair.

If you register details with SupporTime you will benefit from our Global Lost & Found service
We will keep track of all your issues, pressure the department and to you a better service

Say goodbye to long call queues and hello to SupporTime. 

Cost: Free

Category: Productivity

Author: SupporTime 

Platform: Android

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A great idea that needs some refinment. It’s not espeically clear on what it does, nor how it does it. And the app may be looking to solve a problem that could be a worse solution. Keep your eye on it as it moves out of beta testing. 

– Dave Whittle