Create Digital Photo Collages With Your Friends With Pixplit!


Top 25 Top 25 – Developer’s Description: Pixplit is a creative collaboration network where friends create images & photo collages together in a single frame.

The company’s flagship product, Pixplit for iPhone (free to download from AppStore, Android coming soon) is the world’s first app that allows users to create beautiful images together with friends and complete a ‘social photo collage’ that is called a ‘split’.

Every ‘split’ has up to 4 slots. Each slot has a photo captured by a different user and together a new visual story is created. 




Cost: Free

Category: Other, Video & Photo 

Author: Pixplit Technologies LTD 

Platform: iOS

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The Pixplit application takes a unique approach that other social image sharing services have passed over: allowing multiple users to collaborate on a collage of images, call them “splits”.  The camera interface has the expected tools and filters and the sharing screen is familiar, more importantly the innovation of collaboration could make this a solid new entry in the social media world.

– Michael Kaufman