Use Your Face As Your Password for Apps & Websites! FastAccess Anywhere


Developer’s Description: Are you making the most of your tablets and smartphones? Or do you feel frustrated remembering and typing passwords for apps and websites? Perhaps you’ve given up trying to login to many useful sites on your mobile devices…

With FastAccess Anywhere, your face logs you in to apps and websites!

FastAccess Facial Recognition for Windows is trusted and used by millions worldwide. Now, FastAccess Anywhere uses your face plus a gesture to log you in on your mobile devices. Your data is secure, quick to access – even synced automatically across all of your iOS, Android and Windows devices. Not even photos or videos can fool it.

Finally, experience the full potential of your Android, iOS and Windows devices.

FastAccess Anywhere: Go mobile. Go Anywhere.

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FREE 30 day trial for one mobile device.

Three mobile devices $9.99.

Windows client + three mobile devices $29.99.

Available: February 2012

Category: Entertainment, Productivity, Other, Security

Author: Sensible Vision, Inc.

Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad



This could be one of the more interesting apps for the upcoming year. Already available for your PC, the mobile edition will let you secure your phone with your own face. You do not have to type any digits or password IDs to log in.

THE BEST : Makes it quick and easy to login to sites that you maintain accounts with.

NEEDS WORK: Clearly, you need a camera on your phone and a self-facing camera makes things easier. The app works well on the PC with a webcam, but we wonder how a moving phone will be as a target.

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