The Toy Gets Interactive With Foam Fighters From AppGear


Developer’s Description: AppGear is an innovative line of apps that seamlessly interact with cool, collectible toys, shifting digital gaming into your reality,

…Amplified Reality

Enemy Fighters at 12’oclock!

Foam Fighters is a collectible line of detailed foam airplanes that really fly and look fantastic on their own.

These foam fliers also unlock missions in the digital world by scanning them into a smart device.

Once unlocked, these planes are attached to the front of the device with the included arm, then dive in to the digital world and battle for control of the skies.

The plane is mounted on the front of the smart device, dog fighting and taking digital damage in the app.

The real world plane is now flying in the digital battle for the skies.

This new product category will redefine game play by upgrading the physical experience with digital action.

Developed by WowWee, makers of Robosapien and PaperJamz



App Download: FREE

Retail play set: $9.99

Category: Entertainment, Games, Kids

Author: WowWee

Platform: Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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This app/toy made me feel like a kid again. And at $10 it’s got retro pricing too.  There’s a lot to like with WOWwee’s “augmented reality,” where the app uses the built -in camera to super-impose your real surroundings with the virtual world of flying. Think Flight Simulator on your smartphone with a real  toy plane as your guide.

You suction-cup a hinged arm with ball-sockets so you can position the plane into the right place in the app, which recognizes the plane (mine was a Japanese Zero), and then lets you proudly take your plane on a test-drive around your room with wispy clouds superimposed over whatever you’ve got in your room. Kinda cool for the few minutes.

In addition to just flying around, there’s a build in game replete with best scores and target practice. Although we saw an early prototype, by the time it’s released I think this is the kind of game that could easily find its fair share of fanboys. – Dave Whittle