“Look Mom, No Hands!” Plantronics’ Award Winning Vocalyst


Developer’s Description: Go completely hands free with Plantronics Vocalyst. Vocalyst is a voice and text service that allows you to stay connected and be ultra productive using only your headset, voice and simple commands. Download the app and then customize to suit your needs. Send and listen to emails, record and listen to reminders, or post updates to Facebook and Twitter all via your headset. Plus keep up on the news, finance, sports and weather reports just by saying “news”, “finance”, “sports” or “weather”. An optional upgrade allows users to send text messages, add a calendar entry and have their messages converted from voice to text. One year basic Vocalist service comes free with select Plantronics headsets with the option to upgrade to Vocalyst Pro for a small fee.



Subscription – regular price

Basic $24.99 per year

Pro $59.99 per year or

UPGRADE – special price with activation code from selected Plantronics headsets.


Upgrade to Pro for just $35 per year

Category: Productivity

Author: Plantronics

Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad

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Vocalyst is a Plantronics voice command service. You call up the service and talk to it, so it works with any phone. It’s sort of like Siri as a service with 2 big differences: You need to use a Plantronics headset in order to get the service and, while the headset comes with a year of Vocalyst, after that you pay for a subscription. It can do some pretty amazing things like updating Evernote, posting to Facebook and sending text messages, but all the costs and tie-ins with the headset are off-putting.

Best Part: Lots of features, works with any phone.

Needs Work: Proprietary tie to their headsets, cost of service.

-Larry J. Seltzer