The Mobio Identity Platform Empowers Convenient Transactions And Interactions, Anywhere, Anytime


Developer’s Description: The Mobio INsider platform rewards consumers with exclusive access to their favourite brands, retailers and entertainment by turning their iOS, Android or BlackBerry Smartphone or Tablet into an instant VIP pass. INsider benefits include priority tickets, events and merchandise, INsiders’-only offers and rewards, private contests with exclusive prizes, and more.

Convenient:: Mobio INsider organizes all your interactions through one trusted device. All you need is your Smartphone to leverage your personal identity and begin interacting. No more credit cards or wallets, data entry or passwords. All you need is your Smartphone to leverage your personal identity data with user-centric control.

Simple:: Mobio INsider turns your Smartphone camera into a QR barcode reader. All it takes is a simple scan of a QR barcode to interact with your favourite brands, retailers and entertainment.

Secure:: Mobio INsider doesn’t disclose personal identity information until you choose to share it. Your personal data will only be shared if and when you give permission. Mobio INsider will manage and track the identity sharing process so you are always control of who sees what, and how much they see.



Exclusive Contests :: Enter exclusive contests brought to you by the brands, retailers and entertainers you love! 
Couponing :: Receive exclusive coupons through Mobio INsider from the brands you desire.
Mobile payments :: Buy exactly what you want from your favourite brands, retailers and entertainers, when you want it, no matter where you are. Coupled with scanning QR barcodes, Mobio INsider allows you to purchase from a billboard, TV, newspaper, computer screen or anywhere an INsider barcode can be displayed. Buy a product by scanning a barcode, and have it delivered directly to you home, or pick up in person.
Access :: Receive instant access to videos, contests and events no matter where you are!

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Register the App with your name and email, and receive a sample barcode to try it out.

Cost: Free

Category: Utility, Other

Author: Mobio Technologies, Inc.

Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad


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Mobio is a deals network that allows users to enter contests, opt into deals and events, and access exclusive content. The service lets you scan and share barcodes for special offers. It also keeps track of your loyalty cards and in-application activity. Current brand partners include Forever 21, Chase, HP, Dairy Queen and GE.

Best Feature:One great feature of the application is the fact that in-app purchase receipts are made readily available via email alerts. This feature would be particularly useful for those required to track their expenses.

Needs Work: The two year old company doesn’t hold the same market share or notoriety as a Groupon or the current triple threat of Google Wallet, Google Offers and Google Blue Dot [], Without a large enough audience, it’s unlikely to draw a critical mass of partner businesses and unlikely to boast the best deals. In addition, in some cases new users are asked to share offers with their friends in order to opt into contests. Given the current issues with Facebook and Twitter spam, a user may be reluctant to share these offers until they’ve completely bought into the trustworthiness of the company itself.

Dana Oshiro