Honorable Mentions for Two Apps We Couldn’t Ignore


No, this is not the Darwin Awards for Mobile Apps Showdown.  There are two apps that really need to be singled out for honorable mentions.  Both of them are excellent applications with followings as big as the populations of some countries.

First honorable mention goes to Slacker Radio.  It’s available on any device you can think of, it’s inexpensive ($4.99 a month), and it’s got the greatest selection of music. The numbers are staggering with something like 100 programmed stations, 10,000 artists stations, and if that weren’t enough you can create your own personal radio program. So why not a finalist?  According to Wikipedia, Slacker launched in 2007 and it’s had about as many lives as a cat.  Because it doesn’t represent a truly new mobile app, but garnered so much praise from both our viewers and judges, we honor it.  To read more on Slacker, which was one of our semi-finalists check out our review.

The second honorable mention goes to The Weather Channel.  As I write these words during the aftermath of the blizzard of 2010 I feel like I’ve got all the news I need to mother-hen my kids spread out all over the US. Whether it’s wind speed, icy roads, ten-day forecasts, radar maps, alerts … it’s a weather junkie’s drug of choice.  Again, because The Weather Channel has been around for a good number of years we honor it for saving a lot of people from being in miserable situations, but felt the contest should look at some of the newer apps.

Congrats to Slacker and The Weather Channel for making our mobile lives richer.