It’s a Big Country with Lots of Exits: iAmerica EXIT POI

It’s a Big Country with Lots of Exits: iAmerica EXIT POI
Posted: 11.17.2010, 11:15pm
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Developer’s Description: Do we get off at Exit 18 and hope for a gas station? Or do we wait until Exit 19B and run the risk of not finding a bathroom? iAmerica Exit POI provides the locations of all travel related businesses and services within a quarter mile of every Interstate exit in the Continental United States. An easily scrollable exit list allows users to see what’s up ahead at any exit. Our unique user interface makes it easy to use. You never have to leave the map view screen even while looking up POI details. All POI’s are field verified annually.

Cost: Free; Premium Edition for $4.99

Category: Travel

Author: Zenrin USA West

Platform: iPhone

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